5 things your sex life reveal about your relationship

Your sex life has a great impact on the health of your relationship.

But if it’s been a bit rocky, or if you’re having trouble communicating, then things likely won’t be as fun.

While it’s not a flawless system, your sex life can serve as a barometer for the health of your partnership.

Not only is it a time to connect with your partner, but it’s also a time to be vulnerable, ask for what you want, and try new things.

And, of course, these are all things you should be able to do in a healthy relationship.

  • You’re doing pretty great

Great sex can happen with pretty much anyone. But if you’re having a wonderful time with your partner, take it as a healthy sign. When a couple is in sync sexually, when their physicality comes from a true bond they have with one another, it speaks to a deep level of vulnerability that can only come from trusting each other and trusting the relationship. If this sounds familiar, you two are probably doing ok.

  • You trust your partner and feel comfortable
  • Your relationship is becoming a chore

For busy couples, scheduling a romantic night can be a necessity. And that’s totally ok. But if scheduled sex ends up being the only type of sex you have, take note. Scheduled sex could be a sign that your relationship is becoming a chore and spontaneity is lacking. If that’s the case, it may be time to spice things up.

  • You’ve both gotten out of sync
  • You’re craving some space

How closely you guys connect during sex can be pretty revealing, too. Do you look at each other during sex? Closing your eyes and imagining a hotter scenario that you keep to yourself probably means that you’re keeping some distance from your partner. While that’s not always the case — because hey, there’s nothing wrong with fantasies — it may be a habit worth looking into.


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