Apple may bring ‘Satellite Connection Demo’ to iPhone 14: Report

The iPhone 14 comes with support for satellite connectivity, a feature it’s the first to get in the iPhone series.

Though the feature can only be accessed in critical situations like sending Emergency SOS to first responders and has not been made available across all the markets, Apple may allow you to test it on any iPhone 14 model through iOS 16.1 by launching a demo version, as per a report by 9To5Mac.

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The publication claims to have found a Satellite Connection Demo while analysing the code of iOS 16.1 beta 3. A demo would be quite useful in case iPhone 14 users want to test out the feature without actually alerting first responders and calling for emergency services when they are not needed. The use of demo is also expected to familiarise people with using the emergency services so that they are better prepared in unfortunate scenarios.

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If Apple rolls out the feature as part of the final build of iOS 16.1, users would be able to access the new Satellite Connection Demo through the Emergency SOS menu in the Settings app. The expected time for that is in October, although Apple has reportedly said that the satellite features will be launched in November. The iPadOS 16.1 is also expected to be released at the same time, when new iPads are said to arrive in the markets.

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