Check your iPhone TODAY – there’s a hidden feature that everyone should know

NOTE-TAKERS take note, as Apple has a special feature that will change your writing habits forever.

Written notes are easily lost and take up precious space.

You’ll never lose your notes again

Digitalising them is the future, but scanning them with your printer is a bit of a chore.

Did you realise the iPhone has its very own scanning feature simply using the main camera?

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And it’s not any ordinary scanner.

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It is able to instantly copy the words and convert them into digital text, as TikToker Fred’s Tech Hub explains.

Though its effectiveness will depend on how clear your handwriting is of course.

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“This is what I wrote on this page right here,” he explains.

“And I want to turn this into a text on my iPhone.”

All you need to do is open the Notes app on your iPhone.

Create a new note.

Next, tap and hold on the empty space, and three icons will appear.

Select the middle one and a camera view will pop up.

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Point it directly over your notes and it will do the hard work for you.

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