Google tests new dynamic theme for Chrome on desktop: What is it

Google has gradually developed various customisation and theming options for Chrome to improve the user experience on its popular web browser.

The fully functional colour system of Material You was brought by Android 12 but before releasing this OS, Google allowed Chrome for PC, Macs, and Chromebooks to generate a full theme just from a single colour choice. Now, the tech giant has started testing a new dynamic theme for Google Chrome on the desktop that is inspired by Android. This new theme will be based on your PC’s current background.

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Google Chrome on Android can match the current theme on your smartphone wherever possible. The primary difference between the desktop and Android (Material You) versions of Google Chrome is that, on mobiles, the web browser can create the theme from the colours of the wallpaper. The company is now developing a similar system for Google Chrome on desktops. According to a Reddit user named Leopeva64 (spotted by 9to5Google), Google is testing a new theme for Chrome on desktop which will be based on the background image chosen for the New Tab Page.

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Google’s new theme system for Chrome on desktop: What’s new
The new theming system for Google Chrome on desktops is now available in the latest version of Chrome Canary. However, the new feature is hidden behind a flag and can be enabled from the chrome://flags section.

With this new flag enabled, Google Chrome on desktops will switch to a colour theme that will complement your browser’s background image, every time you change to a new one. It is important to note that the new dynamic theme feature will work only with the collection of images that Google provides. Chrome will stick to its previous theme if you use some other picture for the browser’s background image.

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This new option has just arrived in Chrome Canary and it will need a few months to reach all users. Google is expected to release background-based dynamic colour themes for Chrome on desktops with version 110 of the browser which is scheduled to release in February 2023.

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