Here are some signs that indicate your husband is a MAN CHILD

1. Check out for these signs

Does the man you’re dating feel like you’re dating an immature child? This feeling is not uncommon. In fact, there are many men who act like a child in front of their partner. And getting a husband who’s such a man-child is even worse! Handling such a husband can be incredibly difficult and problematic as all of the responsibilities and burden falls upon you. Hence, here listed are some ways to tell if your husband is a man-child or not.

2. He is irresponsible

Your husband is a man-child if he is very irresponsible with his things and actions. If he pays no regard to what his duties in a marriage are, then problems may arise, giving you a hard time.

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3. He always has excuses

A man who behaves like a kid will always have excuses up his sleeve. He will try to justify his actions with a lame excuse or will try to convince you with some reason or the other. They will try to cover their mistakes by bringing up excuses that just don’t matter.

4. He has constant financial issues

5. He is unreliable

When your husband acts like a man-child, you will notice that you can’t rely on him for any of your work. His unreliability will stand as a huge problem that will make you question your choices and decisions because after all, marriage is about reliability, support and understanding.

6. He can’t handle criticism

7. He blurts out inappropriate things

Your husband is a man-child if he has no regard for when he should talk. A mature man is sensible enough to read the atmosphere in the room and talk accordingly. If your husband doesn’t know what to say when, then he needs some schooling on that.


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