Here’s why Facebook has banned the promotion of this film

Meta-owned Facebook has banned the filmmakers of the Holocaust film ‘Beautiful Blue Eyes’ from promoting or advertising the film on its platforms as its title violates its policy against content that “includes direct or indirect assertions or implications about a person’s race,” among other personal attributes, according to a report by Rolling Stone. The film’s title refers to the eye colour of a child in the film who has a key scene. The film is directed by British filmmaker Joshua Newton.

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As per the report, in early September, the director got an email from Peter Ruppert, a digital media buyer for the film’s distributor, MovieFarm, that Facebook had decided to go for the ban.

Beautiful Blue Eyes happens to be veteran actor Roy Scheider’s final film. He passed away in 2008.

The IMDB description of the film reads: “A retired cop seeks revenge against an elderly man he’s convinced is the Nazi who slaughtered his family during WW2.” Here is the trailer.

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The film released in 431 theatres in the US on September 9 and the ban could adversely affect its prospects, an eventuality that’s now expected, as per director Joshua Newton.

“Every decent and sane human being on this planet should be alarmed by Meta-Facebook’s ban on the advertising of a Holocaust-related film,” the report quotes Newton as saying. “Mark Zuckerberg has created a monster that has no oversight. It’s one thing to be flagged by an algorithm. It’s another for Meta-Facebook employees to review the flag and uphold it, knowing full well that the title is not discriminatory and that the film is Holocaust-related”, he reportedly added.

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