iOS 16 is here: 16 features that bring big changes for iPhone users

iOS 16 is here – after much wait, Apple has released the latest iteration of iOS for iPhones. The new version brings a major change to the lock screen, among several other additions and improvements. Here are the 16 best features that come to iPhones with iOS 16.

Customise lock screen as you like

Until now, the lock screen on iPhones used to be pretty boring with nothing to play around with. But with iOS 16 things are changing. In iOS 16, one can pick the different pictures, font styles, colours for lockscreen. Also, widgets come to the lock screen, similar to how it appears on Apple Watch. Further, one can have multiple lock screens and even attach them to a specific Focus.

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Notifications gets out of your way

Instead of showing up at the top, notifications in iOS 16 appear at the bottom of the screen. You can also stack them together at the bottom in the ‘stacked view’ or hide them in the ‘hidden view.’

Focus better on your work with improved ‘Focus’

The focus has gotten a little better in iOS 16 with a streamlined setup process, letting one select the app and people during the initial setup itself. You can link the lock screen to a Focus mode and change the lock screen to enable that mode.

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Edit messages and more

With the iOS 16 update, the Messages app gets enhanced with new additions. You can now delete or edit a message, and mark a message as unread. In iOS 16, Apple has added SharePlay to Messages, so one can watch a movie or listen to music together while chatting.

Safety Check for those in danger

The feature is intended for those at risk of domestic violence or the victims. Using the Safety Check, one can reset sharing privileges and resets privacy settings. It is one of those features that one never has to use but can be helpful when needed.

Mail app has some new features

iOS 16 update brings some much-needed improvements to the Mail app. The in-app search has been improved. Also, one can now unsend a sent mail or schedule a mail. And there is a new ‘Follow up’ feature which will catch your mistakes and ask you to correct them before sending the mail.

Passkeys replace passwords

Passkeys replace the long old passwords with an end-to-end encrypted cryptographic key pair secured with a biometric check on your iPhone. Apple says that the passkeys are stronger than the common two-factor authentication.

Now copy text from videos

With Live Text for videos, users can pause a frame in a video and copy text from that. One can translate the text, look it up on the internet and share it with others.

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Dictation gets smarter

In iOS 16, the dictation gets better and will automatically insert punctuations, and you can add emojis just by saying them. Moreover, you can use both the keyboard and dictation together.

More control over your child’s devices

With the new Family Sharing controls, parents can set up their child’s devices and even adjust parental controls from their iPhones. The time limit requests will appear in Messages, making it easier for parents to accept or decline the request. Further, users will receive suggestions to get the most out of their Family Sharing plan — parents can update parental controls as their child grows or change important settings.

Track your steps on iPhone without Apple Watch

In iOS 16, the Fitness app has got one important feature. Unlike earlier, now one can keep a count of their steps without needing an Apple Watch in the Fitness app. Further, it will also show distance, calories and more.

Managing your medications becomes easier

The Fitness app now lets you manage and track your medications. You can set the time when you need to take medicine, and the app will remind you at the set time.

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Control your Apple Watch through iPhone

With iOS 16 on your iPhone, you can control the Apple Watch with your iPhone without needing to interact with the watch. One can control the Apple Watch with Switch Control, Voice Control or other assistive features.

Weather app shows detailed information

With iOS 16, the Weather app has received a much needed feature drop. Now, the Weather app will detail air quality, local forecasts and more. The app will also send hourly forecasts for the next 10 days. Furthermore, the app will send severe weather notifications issued by the government.

Battery percentage returns to its place

iOS 16 returns the long-gone battery percentage indicator to the status bar. All you need to do is toggle on the ‘Battery Percentage’ from the Settings, and you won’t have to swipe down anymore to check how much battery you have left.

Make smarter notes

In iOS 16, Apple has introduced the Quick Notes, allowing users to create a note without opening the Notes app. One can also lock a note using the iPhone’s password. And there are now filters for Smart Notes, so you don’t have to go through much hassle to find a note. Moreover, you can convert a quantity within the notes itself.

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