iOS 16 to start rolling out today: Here’s how to update your iPhone

Apple will start rolling out its latest operating system — iOS16 — for iPhones starting today (September 12). The update will be available to download to all users with compatible iPhones from 10:30pm today via Over-the-Air (OTA) update.

iOS 16: Key features
iOS16 brings several new features and improvements to iPhones which include lock screen customisations, ability to unsend and edit sent text messages, intelligent cropping for photos, battery percentage indicator and more.

How to get the iOS 16 update
As mentioned, iOS 16 update will be rolled out via Over-the-Air update. Users have the option to either wait until they receive the notification for the update or force it to manually check for the update and download it.

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Things to keep in mind before installing iOS 16 update
Make sure that the iPhone has enough free storage space available to download and install the update. Also, check if you have enough battery to install the update. But most importantly, backup all your data in case something goes wrong, your data will be safe.

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How to install the iOS 16 update on your smartphone


Head to Settings



Tap on General



Then, tap on Software update



Now, tap on ‘Upgrade to iOS 16’

If your phone has a passcode, you’ll be asked to enter it
Once the update is downloaded, it will ask you whether you want to install it right away or Install tonight.

Alternatively, you can enable automatic updates. Open Settings → General → Software Update → Automatic Updates. Once enabled, the iOS 16 update will be automatically downloaded and installed given your phone is charging and connected to Wi-Fi.

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How to update from iOS 16 beta to stable update
There are people who’ve installed the beta version of the iOS 16 operating system on their iPhone. Those who wish to continue receiving the beta updates like iOS16.1 or later (when it is available) can stick to the beta version. However, those who want to leave beta can simply install the stable update by following the steps mentioned above.

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