This is the amount of tax you pay on your new iPhones

The only surprise about iPhones being expensive in India is that people are still surprised about it. Apple is a coveted brand and the iPhone is its flagship product, so think about it. Apple is a multi-trillion dollar company that boasts top-of-the-line products across categories.

There’s the Apple Watch, the AirPods Max, the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Apple TV, HomePod, iPad Pro, iPad and so on. Yet, the iPhone is the absolute crown jewel, its most visible product, the one that sells the most and fills Apple’s coffers like no other product.

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So why is it still a surprise that the iPhone costs a lot? It’s the most aspirational product from Apple, so it will end up costing a lot as it commands a premium like very few other products do. Rs 1.39 lakh for a smartphone — that’s the starting price of the iPhone 14 Pro Max — is quite a lot. But why is it a lot and does it seem a bit more in India?

Yes, it actually does cost a lot more in India. Because Apple has to pay custom duty on the iPhones in India, which is passed on to the customers. Not to forget there’s 18% GST, which has to be paid on almost everything in India now.

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Not to forget the fact that companies like Apple do keep in mind currency depreciation in mind while deciding on the prices of their products. So while the iPhone 14 may cost $799 in the US, which is roughly less than Rs 65,000 when directly converted to the prevalent dollar rate, the cost is higher in India.

Even though Apple will make the iPhone 14 in India, its costs are unlikely to come down. That’s because Apple actually ends up assembling the iPhone in India rather make it in the country.

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Here we break up the cost of the iPhone, including GST and custom duties that are levied on Apple’s flagship devices.

Price of iPhone 14 series in India

iPhone 14: Starts at Rs 79,900
iPhone 14 Plus: Starts at Rs 89,900
iPhone 14 Pro: Starts at Rs 1,29,900
iPhone 14 Pro Max: Starts at Rs 1,39,900

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