Van Calebs says organising event in Togo was worst day of his life

Ghanaian event organiser, Van Calebs has lamented what he deems to be a hellish experience he encountered in an attempt to stage a big event in Togo.

The show dubbed “Black Friday’ was billed to serve patrons great entertainment with the merging of music, fashion and sports.

Speaking in an interview, Van Calebs said described the situation as “the worst day of my life”.

According to him, the objective of the show was to contribute to the revival of entertainment in Togo but the local promoters whom he trusted and invested into to market the event sabotaged him.

“Investing into entertainment in Togo is worst than entering hell fire. As a person with over a decade of experience in the event and advertising industry, this has been my worst experience so far, “he bemoaned.

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